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How Big Bazaar recorded highest sale ever on Republic Day sale with Facebook Live

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Big Bazaar
One of the country’s most widely known retail chains, Big Bazaar celebrated the 12th Anniversary of their flagship offers, Sabse Saste Din, with a social media twist that had not been done before, the Big Bazaar 24 hour Facebook Live Shopping Carnival.

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Big Bazaar aimed at converting the online buzz and intrigue into offline conversion by reaching out to more than 3 Crore customers with exclusive hourly offers across all their stores pan India. The store chain brand intended to connect with the younger audience by employing the unique and out of the box social media angle. Pawan Sarda, Group Head- Digital – ‎Future Group said, “Sabse Saste Din in 12 years have become India’s most popular and eagerly awaited shopping days and will continue to grow in the years to come. We share a strong bond with our loyal customers and want to reach out to the new generation that is always on the go.”
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Big Bazaar collaborated with Facebook for their one of a kind 24 hour Facebook Live Shopping Carnival event and make it a grand celebration. Big Bazaar promoted the Live video broadcast by announcing perks in the form of hourly offers that were only available on the Live broadcast, and not promoted on any other platform. The brand was giving away more than ten lakh mobile coupons to be used during the Sabse Saste 5 Din shopping extravaganza. Leveraging another aspect of social media marketing, Big Bazaar offered entertaining and engaging content to their audience by bringing in popular television celebrities & social influencers such as Gaurav Gehra, Mouni Roy, Aamir & Sanjeeda, Ranvijay Singh, Ssumier S Pasricha (Pummy aunty), Baba Sehgal, Malishka, Baseer Ali, Sayukta Hegde, Sharaddha Sharma & many more. The event was also simultaneously promoted on Instagram Stories, offering sneak peaks and a countdown leading to the 24 hour Facebook Live broadcast.


In the course of 24 hours, Big Bazaar’s Facebook Live Shopping Carnival video received over 10 million views, indicating a successful and significant buzz generated around the exclusive event and engagement through Influencer partnerships. Big Bazaar managed to convert 1 lakh mobile coupons, into a whopping 3 lakh walk-ins with a 62% redemption rate. Fulfilling their primary objectives of online to offline conversion, Big Bazaar scripted their highest ever sale on the 26th January holiday, smashing all previous records. The campaign hashtag, #SabseSaste5Din was trending on Twitter across India on the number 2 spot due to all the activity and buzz around it.
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